Stephan Vorster

Stephan Vorster

Stephan Vorster is a contemporary photographer from South Africa who is known for his nature and landscape photography. His heart has always been drawn to peaceful open spaces and he fondly recalls his early years spending many hours a day hiking, exploring and breathing in the fresh air of the landscapes of the oldest desert in the world – the Namib Desert in Namibia where he was born and grew up.

His first camera - a Kodak Retina 35mm film camera - given to him by his father (also an avid photographer), kindled his interest in photography at a young age and was a great introduction to photography. Switching to digital in 2005 Stephan realized the importance of the digital "darkroom" and what was initially a self-taught hobby became a full-time passion.

"Character, beauty and strength reside in the human heart, for we are made intricately and wonderfully and given only a moment in the vastness of eternity to capture life's fullness. For me a true photograph is not the scene in front of my camera, but rather the image I present to my audience through the filter of my innermost. My photographs present instants of the glory and strength of creation, aiming to transport viewers into the realm of the surreal and extraordinary." - Stephan Vorster


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