Portaits of Aloes mostly with exposed roots.

Aloe portraits, work well either as print on canvas, or with white frame.
Aloe Chabaudii, Aloe Reitzii, Aloe Arborescens, Aloe Thraskii, Aloe Karoo.
Either with textured background, or with crisp white background.

Size: A1, A2, A3

Fran Jex
This gallery by:
Fran Jex

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Aloe Thraskii 203 Aloe Ferrox 204 Aloe Chabaudii 201 Aloe Arborescens 205 Aloe Reitzii 202 Aloe Chadaudii Textured Background 101 Aloe Thraskii textured background 103 Aloe Reitzii Textured Background 102
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