Herman van Bon

Herman van Bon

Starting a new ‘career’ at the age of 61 is a challenge but I like challenges especially the ones people advise me not even to think of it… And this challenge is one of these.

Photography always has been some kind of a hobby and with modern software tools it’s relatively easy to manipulate and I like to manipulate. In October 2012 I purchased an iMac with Adobe Photoshop and started to explore a complete new world and will continue to do so. I make photographs with a Sony A77VQ; a deliberate choice of a stubborn person who ignored the advise to either buy a Nikon or a Canon camera. And yes; I like this camera very much and it does exactly what I want it to do. BTW Sony also fabricates the essential elements for the high end Nikon cameras….

I am a landscape and art-photographer creating digital ‘imaginaries’. These imaginaries each consist of tens of layers with elements/textures of (landscape-, garden-, domestic-) photographs to which I always add 1 or more ‘mainframes’ thus creating a new conceptual image. And I love abstracts and portraits.


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